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Secure your fair share of assets with a divorce attorney on your side. Divorce can often be a messy and emotionally turbulent process, but Craig C. Halls will help you navigate this time as quickly and smoothly as possible. A family lawyer will ensure a fair division of property, debt, child support, and other elements of divorce, all the while treating each issue with respect and sensitivity.

The Support You Deserve

We know this time can be traumatic and emotionally draining, especially without the help of a divorce lawyer. Divorce involves sensitive issues concerning children and loved ones, and a family law attorney will handle these issues with compassion. You can count on us to defend your claims to visitation and child custody. We understand the importance of preserving your relationship with your kids, and we'll advocate tirelessly for your parental rights.

  • Trust an experienced family law attorney to handle all aspects of your divorce. Craig C. Halls has spent over 40 years in family law, making him an expert in child support, child custody, alimony, and property division-all elements you'll have to think about during the divorce proceedings.
  • Split your assets fairly when you hire a divorce lawyer. We'll ensure that both parties receive the property they deserve.
  • Learn about the options available to you with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Divorce situations can fall into various categories, including no-fault divorce, contested divorce, and others, and we'll help you understand each type and what it involves.
  • Spend more time with your children with the help of a family lawyer. Our team will fight-aggressively, if necessary-for your visitation and child custody rights.

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