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Don't step into the courtroom alone. Whether you're dealing with serious criminal charges or going through a messy divorce, you need an attorney you can trust to have your back. Keep Craig C. Halls, Attorney at Law in mind for all your legal needs in Blanding, UT.

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If you need a trustworthy personal injury, real estate or divorce law attorney, turn to attorney Halls. You can count on us to assist you with everything from criminal law and probate law to estate planning and more. We'll work with you to tackle all the confusing and complicated legal paperwork and processes you're dealing with.

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Locals make us their go-to criminal, property rights and divorce law attorney because we:

  • Have been serving the community since 1980
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  • Give legal advice backed up by extensive knowledge and experience
  • Can travel to you if necessary
  • Will keep you in the loop throughout the duration of your case

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