Reliable Criminal Defense Attorney
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Protect your rights with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Craig C. Halls. With over 40 years of success in criminal law, he and the rest of our team know what it takes to reduce punishment and even get cases dismissed. Whether you're facing a misdemeanor or a felony, we'll always act in your best interests to defend your rights and secure a fair outcome.

We'll Build a Solid Defense

From shoplifting and DUI to assault and battery, our law office has the expertise to handle any criminal charge. We'll work hard to build a solid case on your behalf to mitigate penalties or avoid a conviction altogether. When you need a criminal lawyer you can depend on to fight for you, trust us to protect you from potentially life-altering consequences.

  • Contact a criminal defense attorney right away if you've been accused of a crime. It's important to connect with a trusted lawyer who can represent you to the authorities and in court.
  • Avoid lifelong consequences with the help of a criminal lawyer like Craig C. Halls. Criminal charges can have a lasting impact even after the case is closed or jail time is served, but we can minimize your penalties and protect you from a crippling criminal record.
  • Return to ordinary life as soon as possible with a solid criminal defense. Even if you haven't done anything wrong, criminal charges can turn your life upside down, and we'll clear your name so you can get back to normalcy.
  • Hire our team even if you've been accused of a misdemeanor. Though less severe than a felony, this charge can leave a stain on your record that affects your future. We'll fight to get your charges reduced or even dismissed for good.

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